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Why Use Dulon

Riviera protected with DulonDulon is Europe's number 1 boat polish and paint protection system! You will be buying and using a well proven product that has been on the market for over 10 years. Dulon will protect vessels from:

Dulon is a 2-Component Polish System that is easy to apply yourself or have a professional do the job for you. Dulon will outlast all other traditional wax and petroleum based polishes on the market. Polishing boats is not fun! Wouldn't you want to use a Polish that will outlast all other polishes?

Dulon for years was only available to Professionals and Boat dealers, but now it is available to you!

Some key benefits of using Dulon:

Dulon lasts and lasts, simply washing once a month with Dulon Shampoo will give your vessel that "just polished" look, and you know that you are protecting your paintwork or gelcoat at the same time. Wax polishes were good in the 70's and 80's but technology has moved on. Dulon 2-component Polish is a co-polymer and simply outperforms traditional polishes in every way!

Give it a go and you to will see why the professionals have been using it for years!