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Pre Dulon

Pre Dulon - 500ml 500ml bottle - to suit a typical 40' vessel $20.00 inc GST Add to Basket

Pre Dulon is the best biodegradable cleaner and degreaser around. It has a unique formula which is different from other cleaners by separating the layers of dirt, grease or old silicon waxes from the surface to be cleaned. Pre Dulon also brings back the original colours of all plastics, rubber or leather parts inside and outside your vessel. Use pre Dulon to ensure you start with a perfectly clean surface, contamination free. If you apply Dulon Polish and don't use Pre Dulon, traces of old wax polish may get trapped underneath the Dulon membrane. This wax may deteriorate and go yellow under the Dulon membrane, especially carnuba wax. Always use Pre-Dulon to properly clean the surface before polishing!

Pre Dulon - Available in 500ml and 5 litre bottles