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Dulon Hull & Waterline Clean

Hull & Waterline Clean - 1 Litre Enough for 2 applications on a typical 40' vessel. $30.00 inc GST Add to Basket

Dulon Hull & Waterline Clean (previously Quick Clean) is a waterline yellow stain remover. It is self activating and non-acid! Simply wipe it on using a cloth and watch the staining dissapear before your eyes! For heavy "tea staining" simply move around a second time wiping the Hull & Waterline Clean on. No need to scrub or rub, just wipe on and leave until staining has gone. Rinse area with fresh water when complete.

Dulon Hull & Waterline Clean - Available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles

Video Demonstration

A short instructional video on how Dulon Hull & Waterline Clean can be used to remove brown tannin staining from gel coat and painted boats.