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CleanAShine Products

CleanAShine Rust OffGel CleanAShine Rust-OffGel. It removes Rust Stains & Oxidation from many surfaces without running, sagging or staining adjacent areas as it is a clever gel. $48.00 inc GST Add to Basket
CleanAShine Clears Cleaner + UV Protection CleanAShine Clears Cleaner + UV Protection. Clean & protect your expensive clears, extend the life & ensure the best crystal clears view through your clears with CleanAShine Clears Cleaner. $38.00 inc GST Add to Basket

CleanAShine Products are made by an Australian based Quality Product Manufacturing Company specialing in products for Marine & Metal Finishing industries.  These products can also be used in the Automotive, Commerical & Residental fields.