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Common Questions

Where can I buy Dulon?

Dulon is available for purchase online or around Australia directly through our Dealer Network. You can purchase Dulon and apply it yourself, or if you prefer there is a wide range of outlets that can apply the polish for you.

How many boats will one kit of Dulon do?

Great question, Dulon is water based so it is applied with a damp sponge that we supply to you in the kit. You use very little Dulon so a standard Dulon 1&2 kit (2 x 500ml bottles) will polish an average 40 foot vessel.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Dulon can be applied by hand or machine and is not difficult. We suggest following the How to Polish Your Boat section  and simply do one small section at a time. A good job takes time, if you want a really good finish that lasts very well then Dulon is for you.

How do I re-apply?

Dulon will last up to a year. However as Australia has extremely harsh UV rays we recommend application about every 6-8 months to ensure the molecular grid is intact and still protecting. White hulls generally have no problem going the 10 to 12 months. As Dulon Polish starts to degrade it will simply dissipate, it will not crack or peel. You can simply wash your vessel and then re-apply as you did before. The important thing to remember is that if you apply the easy Dulon 1 & 2 system when you see the surface starting to dull, you top up the protective layer and will not have to ever "cut" the surface again!